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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Promosi Pakej kecantikan

Perkhidmatan Rawatan Kecantikan, Spa & Jualan Produk

Untuk makluman, perkhidmatan-perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan di premis kami adalah khusus untuk para pelanggan wanita sahaja.
Secara am nya, perkhidmatan untuk Rawatan Kecantikan dan Spa yang kami tawarkan adalah seperti :-
* Rawatan Muka
* Rawatan Badan
* Urutan Badan
* Sauna
* Ear Candling
* Mandian & Jacuzzi
* Pakej-pakej Kecantikan
Rawatan Muka ( Facial )
* Facial Normal
* Facial Jerawat
* Facial Resdung
* Facial Kolagen
* dll
Rawatan Badan
* Body Scrub
* Body Mask dll
* Bleaching
* dll

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Melilea Product

Y&s Boutique and Spa juga ada menjual product Melilea

Organic Lifestyle, New Hope for the 21st Century
As a consequence of "zero-pollution of organic lifestyle" becoming a significant global trend, availability of organic products become increasingly common. We all look for health and happiness in our life. Living an Organic Lifestyle will help you attain it. And it is simple:
  • just return to nature,
  • drink clean water,
  • enjoy adequate sunshine,
  • breathe fresh air,
  • live with proper exercise,
  • know how to relieve stress,
  • keep in harmony with other people,
  • keep away from cigarettes, alcohol, drug abuse and
  • consume non-polluting organic products.
One can implement such a life and inevitably, one will have a healthy life; healthy practice for everyone to build a healthy family.

The Revolution of Organic Lifestyle
"The Zero-Pollution of Organic Lifestyle" has become a global trend, organic products are more common, and we should be intake daily for health maintenance. The true meaning of zero pollution is not the cure, but to maintain our physical health. Because intake of uncontaminated food such as organic foods, result of body purification and toxic elimination. This is important to enhance our immune system and maintain the normal function of the organs and our keep away from modern diseases. Various studies have shown that human life should have more than 100 years old, but most of time people fail to achieve this standard. The main reason lies in eating too much of toxic food, coupled with "rich but unbalanced diet" which might cause immune function disorder. Since the Second World War, abuse of chemicals, pesticides, insecticides and preservatives have lead to occurrence of various modern diseases.

The best start to a healthy Organic Lifestyle…

MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder is formulated by renowned researcher and organic specialist Dr. Henry Chang, and based on the world’s three most potent efficacies:

1. Functions of Organic Food
2. Function of Naturopathy
3. Function of Natural Healing

MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder contains more than 20 types of 5-star zero-pollution ingredients, including golden grains, vegetables and fruits, processed by using the latest and most sophisticated technologies. This wonderful treasure trove of botanical nutrients has been formulated to be in perfect harmony with our body.
MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder provides a natural blend of soluble and insoluble fibers from natural organic plants sources, and is an excellent body cleanser. This all-natural organic functional food also replenishes your body with a wealth of botanical nutrients such as vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients (nutrient from plants).
Suitable for all ages and conditions:
  • Young, adolescent
  • Healthy, health conscious
  • General weakness, lethargy
  • Underweight/ overweight
  • Aged, golden years
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Irregular menses, menopause
  • Pre-natal/ post natal
  • Pre surgery/ post surgery
  • Freckles, pimples
  • Weak immune system
Directions for Consumption

Mix 1 or 2 scoops of MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder into a glass of water (about 250 ml). Stir well and drink immediately. You can mix with your favorite Melilea Organic Soya Drink, Melilea Organic Henry Apple Orchard or Orange Garden for better taste. Drink another glass of water within half an hour.
Consumption TipsIf you desire to maintain optimum health, consume twice daily, once in morning and once at night, half hour before breakfast and dinner. Please ensure adequate amount of water is consumed to prevent constipation.
MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder may be consumed as a meal replacement or to alleviate hunger pangs. For those who desires to lose weight, consume it as a meal replacement. This will ensure rapid weight loss without the loss of essential nutrients.
CredentialsMELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder  is produced by Greenfield USA Corporation, a registered manufacturing plant with the (Reg. No. 00223706).
• It has been tested for safe consumption by various internationally recognized test laboratories.
• In compliance with the applicable provisions of the Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations for food.
• Certified HALAL by Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).


email :

c/ n : 0122678004 / 0192678004 - suzie
         0173863008 - yanty

Y & S Boutique and Spa

Galeri No 3, Menara PKNS-PJ,
Jalan Yong Shook Lin,
46050 Petaling Jaya,Selangor

phone no : 0122678004 / 0192678004 - suzie
0173863008 - yanty

Spa and Beauty


Can call to 0122678004 / 0123863008 for appoinment...even saturday and sunday....

Y & S Boutique and Spa

Come to our Spa at : Gallery No3, Menara PKNS-PJ, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya, 46050, Selangor

phone no : 0122678004 / 0192678004 - suzie
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Package & Services

Spa promotions  : Facial as low as RM 15 for Aura Seri PJ Sel..and 
more  promotios for woman beauty!!!!

We also offering A la carte and Packages Services....

A La Carte

Luxury faces Theraphy :

Facial Aura Seri...............................................................................RM15

Facial Resdung.................................................................................RM60  

Normal Facial with special mask (tea tree, roses, lavender, peach)....RM60

Facial  Whitening + Collagen............................................................RM120

Acneic Face Theraphy (suitable for oily skin & pimple problem)......RM120

Aroma Rose Face spa (suitable for aging, sagging & darker skin)....RM120

Aroma Ear Candling treatment
(suitable for relaxation & pressure release, reduces.........................RM120
blaockages in the ear ducts)

Ear Candling (reduces blockages on the ear ducts).........................RM30

Facial Organic with MELILEA product.........................................RM160


Pakej Pengantin  : -

*    Rawatan harus dibuat 3 bulan sebelum majlis bermula
*    Elakkan tekanan
*    Sentiasa berfikiran positif
Pakej Gold  (RM 1728 Less 50% 864.00)

2x Gold 24K Theraphy
2x Aura Seri
2x Normal Facial
2x Facial Whitening + Collagen
2x Facial Organic with Melilea products
2x  Bleaching
2x Scrub and mask body
2x Pedicure & Manicure
2x Eyelashes Perming
2x Aromatheraphy Massage

Pakej Platinum (RM 2592  Less 50% 1296.00)

3x Gold 24K Theraphy
3x Aura Seri
3x Normal Facial
3x Facial Whitening + Collagen
3x Organic with Melilea products
3x Bleaching
3x Scrub and MASK BODY
3x Pedicure & Manicure
3x Eyelashes Perming
3x Aromatheraply Massage

Pakej Silver (RM849 Less 505 RM424.50)

1x Gold 24K treatment
1x Normal Facial
1x Facial Whitening + Collagen
1x Facial Organic with Mellilea Products
1x Bleaching
1x Scrub & body mask
1x Aromatheraphy massage
1x Pedicure and manicure treatment
1x Eyelashes perming

Pakej Sinus (RM 830 Less 50% RM415.00)

3x Facial Resdung
3x Resdung Express
2x Facial Organic with Melilea products
2x Facial Whitening + Collagen

Special 24K Treatment (RM1170 Less 50% 585.00)

6x Facial Gold 24k
6x Aura Seri treatment

Contact no for appoinment :
Suzie : 0122678004 / 0192678004
Yanty : 0173863008

email :